Blockchain Conference of OLPORTAL and Hedera Hashgraph Projects: The Presentation of Our SEO

SEO of the OLPORTAL project, Artyom Evdokimov, was also among the number of speakers address the recent blockchain conference in Krasnodar that was held by Hedera Hashgraph and OLPORTAL. Here we are going to disclose all details of his speech. Lie back and let us introduce you the idea and essence of the OLPORTAL’s project from the point of view of our SEO.

Artyom Evdokimov was the third speaker of our blockchain conference. His presentation started right after the speech of Hedera Hashgraph’s ambassador Sergey Belets was finished. At the beginning of his presentation, he demonstrated the MVP of our project that is already available in the App Store and Google Play.

The opening part of the presentation included general information about essence and ideas of the product.

“We are living in the age of the computerization, and each of us has many pages on different social media where we communicate with our friends and relatives, look for news, and find various information. Besides, most of us continue to chat with each other not only via social media but also through messengers. Some of us prefer to use several messengers all at once. So, I guess, many almost every one of you has suffered the problem of switching from a messenger to social media home entertainment app. This problem gave us an idea of the creation of an application that will eliminate this inconvenience and help people managing their social media’s and messengers’ accounts in one app.”

Artyom has mentioned that the application has been available for download for about two years at the most popular online stores (App Store and Google Play). However, the team of OLPORTAL has finally come to an idea that will change the main concept of the product drastically.

With the help of a projector, he has shown the peculiarities of the registration process in the application and described how to use one or another its feature. After the login procedure, SEO demonstrated how users can view social media pages of their friends using OLPORTAL. Besides the function of social media and messengers’ binding, OLPORAL’s MVP has also its native chat which can easily substitute any other messenger to OLPORTAL’s users. However, it is available only for OL’s (registered in OLPORTAL users).

Another interesting function of the ready-made application is the function of cross-posting. Thus, after you have bound your social media and messengers, the application will allow you to post photos, short messages, and other information on all your added social networking pages. Moreover, you can also contact your friends by sending them messages directly to a messenger or social network that they use more frequently.

After presenting the actual version of OLPORTAL, SEO proceeded to the future plans of the project that the team is going to accomplish right after ICO. Artyom Evdokimov spoke about the great and big ecosystem of the future product as well.

“The current version of OLPORTAL will be different from the product which we are going to design and introduce to our devoted community. There will be left only a small part of the current application. It is enough to say, that we have abandoned the idea of cross-functional application connecting all your social media and messengers and came to the decision of creation of the whole ecosystem that everybody will be able to install on his or her device and enjoy its opportunities to the full. The original OL-account, which we can observe in the recent version of the application, will remain the same. It will bind social media and messengers, representing a kind of an electronic business card. However, other features will be a pleasant surprise for all users. Let’s have a look at the official site of the project. Here you can see, that we are going to create a fully decentralized ecosystem with the implementation of AI and neural networks technologies.”

Then, SEO started to get into the clue of main features of the future ecosystem. He has touched the following topics:

  1. OLChat. Visitors of the conference have learned about the possibilities of OLChat such as employ AI bots pretrained to answer messages in the user’s manner of speaking in chats, conduct different kinds of transactions, and allow users to communicate with each other.
  2. OLWallet. This feature will help users to convert their fiat money into the native currency of OLPORTAL called OLCF that will be used for buying OL-numbers, subscribing to OLTarget targeting service or photo search. In a word, this currency will allow covering all chargeable functions of the OLPORTAlL product.
  3. OLMarket. Here users will be able to sell their bots and buy ones for their personal purposes. It is the great chance to earn on training AI bots OLAI.
  4. OLTarget. This feature will be especially interesting for people who want to earn some income by doing almost nothing. Users who will give their permission to be targeted by the OLTarget service will get a reward for viewing advertisements. Advertisers will get a great chance to promote products and services on the platform.
  5. OLChain. All data including information about users’ accounts and transactions will be recorded and stored decentrally on the native distributed ledger of OLPORTAL.

The conference was visited by many involved people, where they have learned a lot of interesting information. However, we can write a whole book about the event. Still, it is always better to visit such conferences personally than learn about it from other people. That is why we recommend you visit our next conference if there will be any in the nearest future. Subscribe to our social media to get some information about new conferences!

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